Solar PV testing meter EazyPV kit

The use and generation of renewable energy is encouraged by the EU and various government agencies (including via RES Directive). The purchase threshold for solar panels is thus getting lower and there is a clear trend in the increasing number of solar installations
When placing and maintaining these green energy sources are some points are important.

  • Security
  • Sustainability
  • Reliability
  • EFFICIENT euml; variance / output system

The qualification of the above aspects are described in various guidelines and standards, such as:

  • NTA 8013 (Procedure for monitoring PV systems)
  • BS EN IEC 62 446: 2009 (Requirements for test & amp; Inspection)
  • BS 1010 (Safety requirements for low voltage)

The main issues arise here are:

  • Visual inspection. Is the wire connected correctly? No damage to cables during installation?
  • Perform insulation resistance (Riso)
  • Perform protective conductor resistance measurement (if any) (Rpe)
  • Measurement of open circuit voltage (Uoc)
  • Measurement of short circuit current (Isc)
  • Measurement of solar radiation (Irradiance)
  • Control of positioning the panels (angle and position relative to the south)

For the measurement of the above parameters is up to date, several separate measuring apparatus is required. The disadvantage of this is that much equipment must be purchased, it has also all necessary installation and the equipment must also maintain
To Nieaf-Smitt has a & lsquo both the installation process and the periodic checking of simplifying the panels.; PV Installation Tester & lsquo; developed the EazyPV.
The EazyPV can simply and effectively all installation parameters are measured by one test device. The solar panels need to be previously disassembled or opened. The uniform connectors of the panel can be directly and securely connected to the EazyPV
The IRM100 & lsquo;. Irradiance meter & rsquo; the measured values ​​can also be coupled to the solar radiation parameters (W / m2 or BTU / F2H) at the time of measurement. The EazyPV is ideal for use when installing, produce and periodically checking PV installations. In addition, d & eacute; solution for tracing faults in PV systems.

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