Solar Energy Solar1

  • Solar1 delivers high quality light panels
  • Daylight Panels are ideal for east-west orientation
  • Flat roof: the panels are virtually invisible!
  • Solar panels: 10-year product and 25 years performance warranty
  • Saving up to 100% on your energy costs
  • Inverter: 12 year warranty
  • Installation by a qualified and certified installer
  • Investment with sustainable returns

Operation solar system

A solar system consists of solar panels and an inverter. This system is connected to a new group in the meter cupboard. & Nbsp; The capture solar (sun) light and convert it into electricity. & Nbsp; The inverter converts the power from the panel into alternating current and feeds it then to the national grid. AC is always looking for the shortest route. If you are using at the time of electricity generation, the power will be consumed the same, rather than be fed back.

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