For the AC installation, we work with a number Uneto-certified companies. 

Langeland Coevorden

Hemmes & Langeland is an installation company specializing in the realization and maintenance of Mechanical and Electrical installations. Since 1974, the company provides customers with various products and services. The familiar service and quality products and services in over the years has increased significantly. The many experience, the company can offer the customer a diverse installation.

Linde Kroon

Linde Kroon electrical engineering focuses on the electrical services in housing and utilities. Linde Kroon stands for reliability, quality, flexibility and responsibility.


Tachion Solutions is a consulting and installation company that specializes in the field of sustainability. Our activities include advice, guidance and technical services with the primary aim of reducing the use of fossil fuels to a minimum.


Langewijk 416a 
7701 AT Dedemsvaart 
T. 085 1044 942